La Mar Gunn
Needs your vote November 8th!
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La Mar Gunn for Lt. Governor!

Hello Friends,

Note: In a strangely timed cyber attack against our main campaign website, the original site has been taken offline. This small website is operating interim and you may reach La Mar via e-mail or social media. Thank you for your continued support!
- La Mar Campaign Team 10/29/16

There are now considerably fewer than 10 days until Election Day this November 8th.

During this time, please consider a generous donation to my 2016 campaign for Lt. Governor of Delaware to give us the final push over the finish line!

La Mar T. Gunn, is a successful businessman whose integrity and values took him from Wall Street to Main Street, where he has committed his life's work to serving senior citizens, veterans, and middle class residents of Kent County. As Chief Executive Officer of Gunn Wealth Management located in Dover, Delaware, La Mar scrupulously grows and protects the savings of Kent County retirees and taxpaying residents throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Nationally recognized for his tireless work exposing fraudulent banking practices, unscrupulous counterfeiters, and elected officials that turn a blind eye to the plight of hardworking citizens. La Mar believes that the people of Delaware have suffered far too long, forced to watch their wealth dwindle while big banks' profits skyrocket to all-time highs.

With your vote La Mar will take this experience to Dover and make postive changes in Delaware, including his grassroots plan to bring new jobs, and ridding our system of corruption.

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